Our Services

We leverage knowledge and expertise backed by analytical support to add value throughout the life cycle. Clients can tap into a comprehensive array of customized solutions and dedicated resources unique only to us.

Underwriting Due Diligence

Underwriting / Due Diligence

With experience in equity and debt, our team has the skillset to evaluate all risks and opportunities in new investments for a diverse portfolio. Financial models are tailored specifically to each prospective investment to consider upside and downside scenarios.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Our asset management function strives to empower investors to make well-informed decisions and stay connected to investments throughout all stages of the investment life cycle. To help achieve this, Bellwether has built a platform capable of scaling its services to any sized client through its flexible operating model and tailored technology solutions.


Portfolio Management

With experience in everything from fund formation all the way through liquidation, Bellwether provides comprehensive portfolio management that offers value for any size firm in any stage of the portfolio life cycle.

Loan Surveillance

Loan Surveillance

As a primary servicer, Bellwether delivers an institutional credit approach by utilizing its team with direct experience in all loan and property types, including ground-up construction; stabilized, performing core assets; and transitional, distressed assets. Bellwether provides a scalable platform for collateral surveillance, draw processing and administration of complex debt vehicles.

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Accounting Services

Bellwether’s accounting services offer a wide array of tailored solutions to meet each client’s individual accounting needs. For every new engagement, we take the time to  construct a solution to fit the scope of work.

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Asset-Level Analytics

Bellwether prides itself on providing best-in-class analytics–powered by a robust data platform and proprietary processes customized for real estate advisory services of all types. Understanding the real estate life cycle along with the needs of institutional investors, we have created a scalable technology platform that streamlines many of the workflows, allowing for powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.

Residential Home Loans Icon

Residential Whole Loans

Bellwether offers residential whole-loan acquisition, settlement and asset management capabilities across an array of product types. Our team has experience with non-performing whole loans, residential transition loans (“fix & flip”), as well as aggregating and securitizing non-qualified mortgages.

Research Icon


Understanding trends and emerging markets is vital to sustained success, and Bellwether has invested in building an in-house institutional research function. The research team is dedicated to understanding market fundamentals and proactively identifying opportunities for acquisitions and highlighting trends to drive disposition discussions. Additionally, Bellwether provides investor and competitor research to anticipate fundraising needs and highlight fund/strategy positioning.

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Bellwether works alongside growth-focused partners, ranging from real estate start-ups to institutional platforms, to identify opportunities and mitigate risks across their real estate portfolios and business operations. By working closely to understand the needs of each client, Bellwether is able to deliver customized technology solutions ranging from interactive dashboards to web-based portfolio management systems.  Bellwether provides clients with opportunities for top-line growth and improved management of the middle of the page, resulting in outsized returns to the client and its investors.

Construction Management Icon

Construction Management

Construction management services rely on a wide breadth of experience necessary to act as skilled and trusted advisors to our clients as we undertake all types of construction projects. As independent third-party consultants, we transparently represent clients throughout the life of the project.​

Client Services

Client Services

Bellwether bolsters our client’s investor relations by delivering a wide array of ongoing key collateral pieces for product marketing as well as custom fundraising insights and due diligence communications. The team manages fundraising brochures, writes quarterly investor letters, creates quarterly reports and proactively communicates the fund’s strategy.