Resident Change By State


Resident Change By State
  • The U.S. Census recently released its 2021 population estimates. The report revealed the U.S. population grew by only 0.1% over the year – the slowest rate recorded since the nation’s founding.
  • However, not all regions reflected this slowed growth in the last year. While the Northeast and Midwest lost population, the West experienced minor population growth and the South grew considerably – by almost a million residents.
  • Idaho (2.9%), Utah (1.7%), Montana (1.7%), and Arizona (1.4%) grew their populations at the highest rate over the last year. Nominally, Texas (310,288) and Florida (211,196) grew by the most residents, and New York (-319,020) and California (-261,902) lost the most residents.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged migration between states. People embraced the ability to work remotely and left behind expensive urban areas for locations with warm weather, tax-friendly economies, and more space.